People, Groups, and Events that are sharing a message of LOVE and UNITY

Let The Sun Shine In - NYC Theatre & Cabaret Communities

The first project I worked on shortly after the November election was a collaboration of NYC theatre and cabaret artists.  Less than a week after the results, we were all brought together by Adam B. Shapiro (HBO's The Normal Heart) to created a video of "Let the Sunshine In" from the 1968 musical HAIR as a message of hope and love for all peoples everywhere.

The video features actors from Broadway and Off-Broadway, as well as regional theater, touring productions, and various areas of the performing arts. Also, performers from the Cabaret world, including several MAC Award winners.

Produced and directed by Adam B. Shapiro (HBO's The Normal Heart) with musical director and conductor, Mark Janas (Founder and host of the Mark Janas Salon) and features Leasen Almquist, Kathy Biehl, Hayley Bridgewater, Mike Brouwer, Blair Alexis Brown, Justin Ivan Brown, Adam Chandler, Sally Darling, Alexandra deSuze, Eve Eaton, Karen Elliott, Julia Feeley, Danielle Friedman, Gary Hill, Maurio Hines, Shirley U. Jest, Paul Martin Kovic, Miriam Kushel, Rob Langeder, April Leonhard, Justin Liebergen, Barb Malley, Kathryn McCreary, Todd H. Monroe, Sean Patrick Murtagh, Lawrence Neals, Samantha Northart, Stacie Perlman, Danielle Erin Rhodes, Ruby Rims, Hollis Scarborough, Adam B. Shapiro, Erin Soler, Lenore Stefanik, Adena Walker, Micki Weiner, Craig Witham, and Zachary Wobensmith, with camera work by David Gillam and James Eden.

In Love We Trust -Somie Pak

The second project I worked on was by artist/designer/fashion stylist Somie Pak.  As she describes it:


    "The day after the 2016 election while aimlessly scrolling through Instagram for a distraction, my eyes were stopped by a particular caption: IN LOVE WE TRUST. It echoed repetitively throughout my mind and soul like one of those songs that insists on sticking in your head. With all the hate that our ears, our eyes, and our hearts were being inundated with lately, I had wanted to NEEDED to create something that would remind me and the world (or at least the cyber world) that it is better to EMPOWER than to destroy. It is better to LOVE than to hate. We should ALWAYS embrace individuality and diversity. Thus, the project, In Love We Trust, was formed.


For this project, I have asked each individual to choose an outfit that empowers them, makes them happy, or that they feel best represents who they are. Along with each photo is a short interview filled out by each individual asking the following questions: What empowers you? How do you empower others? How do you define love?  CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW TO SEE MY PARTICIPATION AS WELL AS ALL THE OTHERS WHO WERE PART OF THE ONGOING PROJECT.

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