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The End of the #RoadtoNYCC 2017

“Although we’ve come to the end of the road, Still I can’t let go. It’s unnatural. You Belong to me. I belong to you.” - Boyz II Men, R&B Superheroes

Well, that’s it! For some, the planning started as soon as the Monday after #NYCC2016. For others, it was a mad scramble to get tickets right up until the last minute and even past it. (All those “resellers” on the blocks leading up to the venue are hard to miss) But either way New York Comic Con 2017 is in the history books. And what a mad four days it was! According to some news sources ReedPOP, which organizes and runs to convention, sold over 200,000 tickets this year. All while having a HUGE section of the venue closed off for reconstruction. While it still may not have the general popularity and name recognition of it’s West Coast cousin, NYCC has more than surpassed SDCC’s attendance numbers.

I for one had a great 4+ days, getting started early in the week with some pre-con meet ups and then barreling head first into the cray fray on Friday morning after using Thursday to webcast, interview, and photograph some of the thousands of fans, friends and cosplayers. I’ll be sharing some of those insights as the weeks go by and I start sifting through and editing everything. (All part of my PCD therapy, but I’ll get to that in a moment)

Before I go any further though I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been on “the road” with me the last two months and shared their stories and advice and opinions. I also want to thank some folks without whom the entire experience of NYCC would’ve been a hollow one, missing many of the pieces that brought it all together: Darlena Marie, Marc Richmond, Michael Nguyen, Ed O'Connell, Heather Brown, Alex Friscia, Cassandra Jeffries, Stephen Webb, Elio Lleo, Dominico Scordato, John Stagnari, the management & staff of O'Lunney's Times Square Pub and McHale's Bar & Grill, and the entire NYC expanded fan/friend fleet. #Fleetisfamily Oh, and a very special thank you to Taylor Campisi, I wouldn’t have even started this blog had it not been for you. I hope you had a wonderful comic-con.

So now that the convention is over, many folks are facing the dreaded condition known as PCD or Post-Convention Depression, defined by Patrick Delahanty of AnimeCons.com as “a very real mental condition brought on by the special demands that a convention can put on your body. During the convention, your body uses serotonin. After the convention, the lower levels of serotonin in your body can cause depression until your body has time to produce more. This can take several days. Symptoms can include depression, laziness, procrastination, withdrawal, whining, lack of interest, daydreaming, and soreness, fatigue…”

Basically your body is run down from going so many days in close quarters with little sleep and your brain goes from sensory overload back to it’s normal state. I’ve got to admit that this year it doesn’t seem to be hitting me as hard as in previous years. But I also am lucky enough to live in NYC and regularly see my geek brothers and sisters so it helps a bit. There’s also the knowledge that in the next couple of weeks there are two more conventions and several geek events to keep me occupied.

I asked a few folks, many of whom a lot of you probably know from cosplay/fan circles what they think of “PCD” and if they think it’s real. I also asked what they thought of the convention this year. Take a read and feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

1. What did you think of this year's NYCC? 2. What would you like to see next year? 3. How do you deal with "Post-Con Depression" or do you even have such a thing?

- Darlena Marie, NY Cosplayer Network / The New York City Star Trek Meetup Group Page

“I loved NYCC though I hate the crowd on Sat and Sun, its hard to walk. I also liked they still had the quiet and changing rooms and bag check. It was a most relaxing and enjoyable con. For next year I'd like to see a better way to get tickets and a place cosplayers can take pics without being yelled at by security or have to beg people share space. I deal with Post con depression by immediately planning more fun stuff with my friends, even if its just dinner and some trek episodes or a movie!”

- Captain Ed O’Connel, CO USS Growler NCC - 76369, Independent Star Trek Group

“The con was great, but I definitely felt the squeeze of the construction going on. Which put more people into the smaller space making it very difficult for the A.C. to work right.

Improvements, especially since the "downsizing" will be multi year, I heard there was a cosplay changing room, but saw few if any signs pointing people that way. Same with coat checks. I stumbled across 2 at least, but I don't think either was advertised very well or large enough to cover the number of people.

As for Post Con Depression, which is very real, there are a few things to combat it. The first and easiest is to have smaller get togethers with anyone local. For most of us, NYCC is a local con, we live with the majority of our fellow geeks, but what of out of town friends? FaceTime and video chat are your possible answers. Include everyone in talking about how good this year was, what can make it better next time, and support anyone who really gets hit by the depression.”

- LCDR Heather Brown, CMO USS Growler, Independent Star Trek Fan Group

“I love NYCC but there are little things that bug me. I did feel that this year was a little less stressful than others. And thank you Jesus for the quiet room... but it shouldn't be next to the loud AF food court. Next year l hope they figure out an easier quicker way to get people inside. And honestly there has to be a better solution for panels than hiking a mile or so to another venue and needing to be checked back into Javits all over again. As for PCD, no joke, fanfics. I totally lose myself in reading it or writing it and just escaping. That or l go through photos and make instagram or tumblr posts so it's almost like l still haven't finished the con yet.”

- Michael Nguyen, NYC Away Team

“1. What did you think of this year's NYCC?

I had a great time as always. My favorite part is catching up with old friends and making new ones!

2. What would you like to see next year?

It won’t be ready yet but I wish the North hall would be open to give artist alley more space!

3. How do you deal with "Post-Con Depression" or do you even have such a thing?

The biggest take away for me from NYCC is always about the strength of community and finding positive ways to tale that inclusivity, acceptance and positivity outside of the convention is how I will keep busy and get over any blues!”

- CDR Marc Richmond, Friends of Comic Con / East Coast Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./NY Star Trek Meetup Group

“1) I loved it as I do every year. So many things to see and getting to meet up with so many of my cosplay family. Great feeling!!

2) As for next year..I would like to see even more events at venues near to the Javits. Hopefully those hotels will be finished across the street. There could be more panels and more parties!!

3) PCD…post con depression is a very real thing. That's precisely why two years ago i created "Friends of comic con". So I would have a medium to keep in touch with as many of my cosplay family as possible and keep that con feeling alive. Also going to other conventions helps a lot as well.”

- Cassandra Jeffries, Event Host - Classy Cassie - Cassie Jeffries

“1. What did you think of this year's NYCC? A. It was cool. I enjoyed the meet up opportunities. It felt over crowded at times but was happy there were not really lines to get in. 2. What would you like to see next year? A. Bring the multi day passes back and check ID against the passes to make it harder for scalpers to ruin it for the rest. I'd like to see more unique clothing and more detailed cosplay booths. 3. How do you deal with "Post-Con Depression" or do you even have such a thing? I start thinking about the next cosplay I will do.”


So that’s the “End of the Road.” For Now. I hope everyone enjoyed the read and learned or shared a few things. In the upcoming weeks GeekLifeRuleswill be doing movie meetups for the fall slate of fanboy cinema, joining the NYStarTrekMeetupGroup for a November Big Screen screening at StoneCreek bar and working on another Discovery viewing party by popular demand.

LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to keep in the loop. Peace and Long Life. - Lawrence Neals, GeekLifeRules

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