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about me

Height: 5"9 1/2   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black (shaved)

NYC based Multi-hyphenate Entertainer and Creative.

Singer, Actor, Event EmCee, Cosplayer, Writer



Freedom's Song: A New Musical   |   JDProductons, Jacob Braun, dir |   Cyrus

Smokey Joe's Cafe   |   Broadhollow Theatre Company, Vic DiMonda, dir. |   Adrian

The Toilet  |   Dionysus 2000 Theatre Lab, Dennis Moore, dir. |   Ora

Legacy  |   AMAS Musical Theatre Company, Jame Moody, dir. |   Rev. Lenoire

Juan Darien: A Carnival Mass   |   Music-Theatre Group, Julie Taylor, dir. |   Juan


Elite Casino Entertainment  |   Motor City Live                 |  Lead Vocalist

Elite Casino Entertainment  |   DISCO Live!                      |  Lead Vocalist

GeekLifeRules                      |   NY Cosplay Cabaret          |  Lead Vocalist

Playlist Productons, Peter Flynn, dir.   |   Studio VIP; Motor City; The Brits  |  Lead Vocalist

Playlist Produc>ons, Paul Roberts, dir |   Epic Rock, DIVAS, Latin Nights     |  Lead Vocalist


Wizard Retreat Weekend |   TGTSNBN  |   Master of Ceremonies, Creative Consultant,

                                                                  Lead Vocalist

MISTI-Con 2019               |   HP-NYC, Clay Dockery, Prod.   |  Master of Ceremonies, Creative                                                                                                            Consultant, Lead Vocalist

West Wing Weekend       |   Clay Dockery, Prod.   |  Master of Ceremonies, Communications                                                                                               Director, Lead Vocalist

MISTI-Con 2017               |  HP-NYC, Clay Dockery, Prod.   |  Lead Vocalist

NY Cosplay Cabaret™     |   GeekLifeRules   |  EmCee, Creative Director, Producer

Special Skills

Creative Director – NY Cosplay Cabaret, Professional Cosplayer, Experienced DJ and EmCee, US Navy veteran, Vocal Coach/Captain, Experienced Musical Director/Band leader, Theatre Production, A/V-technical, Licensed NYC Bartender, Licensed & Experienced NYC Tour Guide, Event Planner & Host, Puppeteering. Extremely Technically Proficient

Vocal Styles: Singing Styles: Motown, R&B, Soul, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Blues, Pop

Vocal Range: Bari-Tenor 

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